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will this have pregnancy?

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I'm part way into Ch.1 and so far I'm loving this game. The artwork and animation is really good. Following the story right now is  not hard but not easy either.  The characters are pretty fun and unique. I can't wait to see the rest of the game as it gets closer to being finished.

EDIT: I take back what I said about the story took me playing it after getting some sleep to realize what was confusing me lol

DAMN this game has come together

the last time I played this was version 0.0.4!


I can't seem to get the game to install on the app. I hit install, pick the direct link, and it starts but then it stops and the install button is there again. I don't know if the link is broken or what is going on, but I can't get it installed.

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I've just played through the first Artaun visit. I think the game seems very promising and I am looking forward to see the further development of the game, but I have some critic, especially after that segment. 

Firstly, I hope you are going to have someone go through and clean up the dialog at some point, maybe closer to release. The quality of the English is very varied, occasionally being OK , but sometimes it's just flat out horrible (and I am not talking about characters who are supposed to have a perfect mastery of the language). I also feel like a loot of the dialog just goes on and on without adding anything of value, making it very tiresome to read (e.g. the Town Hall dialog, especially with the wives). Another, more minor problem with the dialog is the Elli prologue where a lot of the dialog is repeated from the Sardo prologue, but with some new thoughts thrown in which prevents you from using the skip function.

Second, I really don't like some of the characters outfits, especially Elli and Umi. They do not feel like they fit into the targeted setting. The first outfit you buy Elli looks like something you'd see in the real world, a tank top with short skirt, showing some midriff. I much preferred the first dress she had which, although it would be inappropriate to wear in public, atleast looked like it could belonged in the world. The outfit you buy in Artaun too me looks like a fantasy adventure-version of the previous out, but showing more midriff. This one could work fit in, looking more rugged, but not as regular clothes but as a adventure getup or something and not regular clothes. It is better than the previous one, but does not look the high fashion I'd expect from that store. Umi's clothes are terrible though, and I really don't like that the main insists that it's good. I ended up playing the shop scene twice because of Umi's clothes. The first time I told Umi to get some proper clothes when she first put one the nightgown-ish dress. Then when I got to see the final outfit, I reloaded hoping that I could get here to wear the dress instead (which despite being inappropriate at least looks plausible for the world, although it's cut ridiculously low) because of how much I disliked her outfit, which ofc. didn't do anything.

My third point is a much more personal opinion. I hate Umi. I hate the way she looks, I hate how she behaves and, as previously mentioned, I hate her outfit which feels completely out of place, which makes some sense since she is from another world, but I think that the player should be able to interfere with her choice of clothes and not be a complete cuck. I also hates how rarely the player are given the opportunity to put her in her place and reprimand her for her rudeness and arrogance. She alone is kind of putting me off playing the game, which is a shame since I think it might become a great game.

Take what you will from this little rant, but you may disagree with all of it. The only thing which I objective ought to be improved is the language in the English version since it at times is nonsensical. Once again, I do think the game looks promising and I think it will be good regardless. I may be the only one who has some of these problems with the game for all I know XD.


Interesting enough story, however, I do not know where to go after picking up the two extra cloaks. 

I apologize for not replying before. If you are talking about the cloaks that were bought at the slave market, you need to go to the Aahrun who is standing next to the cage with the girls. The game has a walkthrough guide that can be found on our Patreon page. 

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Ah, thank you. For some reason I haven't managed to interact with him.